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Support Troop

Support Troop is an amalgamation of the support elements in the Squadron - Diving Team, MT and Plant.
It is also the largest troop in the Squadron.
MT - Motor Transport section, deals with the maintenance and management of the Squadron's fleet of vehicles, plus all transport requirements.
Plant - Machinery includes Combat Engineer Tractors, Medium & Light wheeled tractors, Graders and Bull dozers.
Diving Team - Until the 80's, the Squadron did not have a Diving team, until it realised the necessity for one.

1972 - N. Ireland - Girdwood Park

1974 N. Ireland
Taken at Seaton Barracks, prior to leaving.
Brian Cherry, Jim Moir, Chris Goddard, Ian Sheppard, Rick Page, Smiler Millward, Lofty Hexter, Dave Lay, Lez Young, Jim,. Taff Evans, Eric Dimaline, Bob Lewis, Lez, Norman Adams, Chris Goddard, Scouse Johnson, J.P., David Floyd, Jasper Kennedy, Michael Ruston, Jeff Howard, Dutch Holland, Jasper and Choccy Barrett.

Loading onto Sir Tristram.

The Plant Section has been to:
Cyprus 1985 & 1987
Canada 1989 & 1994
Falklands 1988 & 1995
N. Ireland 1986 - supporting 33 Engr Regiment.
Egypt 1990 - supporting 40 Cdo RM
Iraq 1991 - Operation Haven
During this operation, the section dug Latrines and road systems for the tented camps, that the Brigade put up.

Belize 1992
The section was split into small groups and sent across the country, to support the various Engineer tasks being carried out, including the upgrade to tracking to the Baldy Beacons Range.
Plant troop members are used to working alone, such as in Norway, where a Plant Op. would be clearing the main runway at Bardufoss Airfield.

Diving Team deploys with the Squadron, carrying out diver training where possible. diving in warm and freezing waters.
Used for construction of Piers, cutting old metalwork away and concreting new sections below the water line. Clearing harbour obstacles, even helping to recover vehicles that 'stray' into the water and sink.
1992 Belize
Main tasks included the construction of a pier, demolitions on an obstacle in the main shipping channel.
1995 - Norway
Searching for a body, under the 6 inches of ice.
1995 - Falklands
Searching Port Stanley Harbour for obstacles, they found Ammunition, Grenades, Incendiary devices and even an Argentinian Helmet. They helped with maintenance work on the two Naval Guard Ships.
On a lighter side, the lads enjoyed diving with the Dolphins, Seals and Penguins.

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